Additional Information


All artwork needs to be supplied at 300dpi and at a suitable size for the backdrop size requested. We will advise if the artwork submitted is unsuitable. Artwork may have to be rejected or an order cancelled if of insufficient quality, resolution or size.


Eyelets are fitted to all backdrops unless ‘none’ are requested, when ordering.

On the majority of our backdrops brass eyelets with a hole diameter of 10mm are used.

Positioned 25-35mm in from the edge and situated approximately every 500mm along top and bottom edges. There may be less down the sides. Different eyelet positions can be accommodated on request.


Avoid folding and creasing all the types of backdrops supplied by Mybackdrop, especially the PVC ones. This can cause permanent damage and spoil the effect of the backdrop when hung. See ‘Storage’.

Removing creases

For light creases, warming up the backdrop on a radiator or with a hairdryer and then rolling the backdrop in the opposite direction to the crease and holding it in place for a few hours or overnight may help to neutralise the crease.

For more serious creases or folds, roll the backdrop out face down on a clean, flat and smooth surface. Use an iron on the reverse side to smooth out the crease. CAUTION: The iron should only be warm to the touch initially and heat increased gradually, trying it out and then reassessing, before increasing the heat. If the iron becomes too hot, it can warp the image or melt the pvc/fabric causing permanent damage. It is sometimes helpful to use a dry cotton tea towel to avoid direct contact between iron and backdrop.


Roll the backdrop, unfolded and without creases onto a 100mm+ diameter core tube. The Tube should be at least 150mm longer than the backdrop, so that there is at least 75mm of tube sticking out either end, when rolled up.

Roll tight to the core and tape into place, using cling wrap or masking tape, if possible. If the polythene outer sleeves provided are still in tact, then feed the backdrop into the first sleeve and push any excess into the ends of the tubes. Tape around the 75mm of protruding core tube, not just over the tube ends, to secure the ends and stop the backdrop from moving. Now tape around the middle.

Finally, add the remaining polythene sleeve but this time fold over the ends and tape in place. The backdrop is now safe to store and can even be stored on its end, in the corner of a room, if required. This method of storage will not protect the backdrop from any type of sharp impact, folding or crushing.


We generally do not hem the PVC backdrops, as it makes them more likely to crease in storage, however hems can be added on request and are advisable if using in a windy location.

The backlit, mesh and polyester backdrops are all hemmed, as the fabric is a lighter weight and needs hems in order to support the eyelets.

Sizes Available

The backdrops can theoretically be produced to any length and a maximum width of 5m. For storage, transport and hanging purposes longer backdrops may need to be made as a series of smaller ones. We recommend a 10m length maximum per backdrop.


Avoid using detergents, cream cleaners, spirits or scourers of any type, when cleaning the backdrops. A wet soft cloth will normally suffice. Contact Mybackdrop if further assistance is needed.