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Creating a Backdrop:

In order to create a backdrop featuring an image, customers are invited to:

  • Create their own artwork and present it to us
  • Browse one of the large image libraries and select a suitable image. Please note the image number and name of the library, before contacting Mybackdrop.
  • Use the Horizontal menu at the top of the website to get ideas for what sort of image would suit an application. A member of the Mybackdrop team will then assist, in providing several alternative images in order to fine tune requirements. Any image chosen, including any already featured on the Mybackdrop website would need to be purchased under the terms of the relevant license, from the relevant Image library, as part of creating the finished backdrop.
  • Internet searching for images is possible but often is less straight forward. Images found by customers may not be of a suitable size/resolution. In such cases please note any reference or source, as permissions may have to be obtained or more often than not, alternatives presented that have been sourced elsewhere.
  • Mybackdrop create a unique image for a client. A charge would accompany this and Mybackdrop would retain copyright.
  • Included in the price of each backdrop, is up to 1 hour of artwork creation/image altering and or image sourcing time.


  • Delivery can be expected within 10 days from approval of finished artwork. Shorter timescales can be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. Let us know from the outset if there is a set deadline
  • For Artwork, the time varies for each job. This is an interactive process between customer and ourselves and depending on the complexity of the artwork this can take on average between 1-7 days


  • All our backdrops are printed and dispatched from the UK
  • See our full terms and conditions with regard to ordering/cancellations/returns and image rights

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