Ensure customers see your message!

When customers approach a business premises, often the first thing they see is an array of promotional banners offering products or services. How those banners are presented has an immediate impression on them. BannerSavvy frames allow everyday, inexpensive banners to be displayed to their fullest potential, remaining taut, flat and looking professional


  • Frame keeps the banner taut and flat and conceals the method of attachment
  • Easy and quick to fit new banners
  • Weatherproof, strong and durable design
  • Bespoke sizing and finishes available
  • Can be freestanding or mounted on walls, fences or posts.
  • Prevents unauthorised removal of banner
  • Any banner fabric can be used
  • Able to withstand high winds
  • No dilution of banner message due to light penetration
  • 2 yr warranty

The frames can be mounted in a variety of ways or used in conjunction with a freestanding  base, ensuring that the banner stays taut and flat and that all the eyelets and method of attachment are out of sight.  All the customer sees is your message, perfectly framed.


The outer part of the frame hinges back to reveal the backdrop, held in tension on a base frame. The outer frame can clip shut or can lock to avoid tampering. All the edges, eyelets and method of attachment are then out of sight.

Additional Anchorage

Our strong and robust free standing frame designs are able to withstand most wind conditions however additional anchorage is available, including ground screws or concrete shoes, if needed.

Freestanding Base Frames

The ‘A’ Frame allows BannerSavvy frames to be mounted on opposite sides of the frame so your message is visible from both sides. The leaning frame ensures that the method of mounting is as discrete as possible. Ideal for promotions on long driveways or out in the open.

Our Service:

  • Frames can be made to fit your existing banners or can be custom made up to 5m long
  • A variety of finishes are available
  • Installation and on site visits can be arranged
  • 2 year warranty with every product
  • Design and supply of banners also available

Contact & Price Information:

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Banner Savvy is a registered Trade Mark and Banner Savvy frames are Patent Pending