This kit reproduces the space and look of the inside of an ambulance, otherwise known as a simbulance. This helps in the training of paramedics, providing a more realistic environment and adding to the value of any training films.
The kit consists of three lightweight frames that hinge together and three full colour backdrops that attach to the frames. The three frames are easy to separate from each other, lightweight and can be stored flat.
Components :
2  x aluminium frames sized 3.3m x 1.86m H  Inc joints
1 x aluminium frame sized 1.8m x 1.86m H  Inc Joints
3 x PVC backdrops with perimeter eyelets
Ball ties
2 x  Feet
1 x  Allen Key
Short term Storage : Separate frames and stow flat against a wall.
Long Term Storage : Dismantle frame and store in bag provided and roll up backdrops and store in tubes provided.
PURPOSE MADE : Contact us and share with us your requirements if you need something else creating. We would love to help!
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Additional information

Dimensions330 × 180 × 186 cm