Backdrop Roller Blind

from £53.00

Backdrop Roller Blind, includes attaching of chosen backdrop, winding chain, wall brackets, chain tidy, fittings, instructions and safety guidance. Supplied to self fit.



A backdrop fitted onto a roller blind mechanism works well and is particularly useful if used regularly but with the need to stow away easily and discretely. Could be used just to cover a window, an opening or bare patch of wall or to create a display area or even to transform a whole wall for training or similar purposes. This works in exactly the same way as a conventional roller blind and can be used with most of our fabrics. The standard widths and prices are limited to 2.5m, but we can offer larger sizes if needed – contact us with your requirements. Blackout fabrics and those that illuminate images are also available. Roller chains come with a wall tidy and guidance on fitting and safety. This is an easy product to self fit and once in place the blind can be removed or exchanged with another blind utilizing the same wall brackets.

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Backdrop Width

2.5m wide, 2m wide, All sizes up to 1.75m wide