Having heard about our ambulance simulator frames and backdrops, Medway hospital in Kent contacted us to help transform their training room, which up to now had blank walls only. The room is used for training paramedics and nurses who may work in different environments, including the back of a ambulance and in domestic environments too. Having discussed the needs with staff at the Postgraduate centre and received details about the layout of the room and what they use it for, it was decided that roll down blinds on opposite walls would provide a cost effective solution and remove any storage issues. We considered having blinds on three walls to recreate three walls in a kitchen or lounge, but opted instead for two blinds on opposite walls one showing a kitchen and one a living room. When either of the blinds is rolled down, it helps create the context to the training and as all the training is videoed, it really helps the scenes to look realistic. There was a certain wow factor, when the staff first saw the blinds, as they are life sized and so realistic, it looks like you are actually in the room on the blind.