Terms and Conditions

Mybackdrop’ – refers to a trading entity and its employees, manufacturers and suppliers of backdrops, printed backdrops and related products and accessories.

Customer’ – refers to individuals, any type of business or organisation purchasing products or services from Mybackdrop.

Goods’ – refers to all products ordered through Mybackdrop

Artwork’ – refers to an image/text/drawing/illustration/painting/computer generated concept or any variation thereof, created for the purpose of reproduction onto a media/material. Artwork may consist of more than one or a combination of any of the sources previously mentioned.

1. Print quality

Every effort will be made by Mybackdrop to provide the best print finish possible. Finished print quality cannot however be guaranteed, as it depends on many factors including suitability of the material/media chosen and the quality of the artwork provided. Colours when printed may also vary by up to 10% from the original artwork.

  1. a) Pixilation of images. Depending on the quality of the artwork supplied and used, there maybe some pixilation of images. If this is not noticeable with 20/20 vision from a range of 2m then the print quality will be deemed acceptable.

2. Backdrop and Frame Sizes

Mybackdrop will endeavour to produce the Customer’s backdrop and/or frame to the sizes provided. However, finished printed backdrop sizes may vary from sizes provided by the Customer by up to +/-  2%. Finished backdrops within this margin of error will be regarded as acceptable. If frames have also been ordered, then they are made to fit the actual finished size of the backdrop and could be correspondingly larger or smaller than the original sizes provided. If exact sizing is essential, the Customer must make this clear, in writing, at the time of ordering.

3. Artwork

All artwork needs to be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi and at a suitable size for the backdrop size being requested. We will advise on the suitability of the artwork provided by the Customer at the time of ordering or shortly thereafter.  Artwork may have to be rejected or an order cancelled if artwork is of insufficient quality, resolution or size, or if not provided within a reasonable time period.

4. Cancellations/Changes to Order

Mybackdrop reserve the right to cancel the order at any stage through the fulfilment process, providing the customer with an appropriate refund.

The customer cannot cancel the order, once the artwork has been approved by them, prior to the order moving forward to printing. Cancellation or changes can however be made up to that point.

Cancelled orders may however, attract a debit from any refund offered to the Customer, if more than an hour has been spent preparing or altering artwork. This would normally only apply if Mybackdrop has had to alter images supplied by the Customer or on the Customer’s behalf.

5. Returns

As each product is purpose made for each Customer, we cannot offer refunds, unless the goods are delivered to the customer in a substandard state or after the agreed delivery date.

A substandard state refers to poor or incomplete printing, transit damage or use of faulty materials.

6. Damages/Faulty goods/Deception

Goods that arrive damaged should be signed for as ’damaged’ when the carrier’s representative hands over the goods.

Damaged or faulty goods need to be reported within 24 hours of delivery in order for an appropriate refund to be considered.

Complaints/returns/refunds cannot be considered beyond the date provided by the Customer for when the backdrop is/was needed, providing such a date has been stated at the time of ordering.

7. Privacy Policy

Mybackdrop does not pass on any of the Customer’s details to third parties. Credit/debit card information is used for the purposes of taking payment for an order and is then deleted from our records.

8. Image Use/Image Rights

The Images featured on the Mybackdrop website, fall into different categories, as follows:

  • Images which are for the express intention of creating a website and to help explain and illustrate Mybackdrop products and services.
    These images are not for resale and have been purchased or created solely for the creation of the Mybackdrop website.
  • Images that have been created by Mybackdrop, third parties acting on behalf of Mybackdrop or Customers supplying their own artwork which has been altered or enhanced by Mybackdrop, all remain the property of Mybackdrop and Mybackdrop retain copyright. These images are ‘rights managed’ and permission needs to be provided in writing from Mybackdrop, before usage is permitted.
  • Images that have been purchased and used for previous jobs/customers or by way of illustration, are displayed on the website to give customers ideas for their projects.
    These images were originally purchased from established image libraries and are not directly available for sale. Clients interested in any of these images will be offered a range of alternatives or will have to purchase the image for themselves from the relevant image library, under the terms of the most appropriate license for the intended use.
    These images are primarily accessed through the horizontal menu bar at the top of the website

All products featuring imagery are sold for use by the purchaser only and are not available for resale


9. Liability

Liability in all cases is limited to the value of the order.

10. Warranty

All our products come with a 12 month guarantee, from date of delivery, subject to normal wear and tear and providing backdrops are stored following the Mybackdrop guidance below. Any deliberate or accidental damage, tears, scuffing, distortion due to heat, fluid/chemical use/spillage is not covered, only faulty goods, workmanship or initial transit damage are covered.

11. Backdrop Storage

Roll the backdrop, unfolded and without creases onto a 100mm+ diameter core tube. The Tube should be at least 150mm longer than the backdrop, so that there is at least 75mm of tube sticking out either end, when rolled up.

Roll tight to the core and tape into place, using cling wrap or masking tape, if possible. If the polythene outer sleeves provided are still in tact, then feed the backdrop into the first sleeve and push any excess into the ends of the tubes. Tape around the protruding core tube, not just over the tube ends, to secure the ends and stop the backdrop from moving. Now tape around the middle. Finally, add the remaining polythene sleeve but this time fold over the ends and tape in place. The backdrop is now safe to store and can even be stored on its end, in the corner of a room, if required. This method of storage will not protect the backdrop from any type of sharp impact, folding or crushing.