Wrap Around Backdrops

Create multi purpose environments within a single room!

Wrap around backdrops help convert a single room into a multi purpose environment. Ideal for training rooms or for filming videos. A track is attached to the ceiling and this would run around one, two, three or even all four walls, as required. You could then select from one or possibly many different printed backdrops which would then be hooked onto the track and swished into place, wrapping around the room. This covers up any shelves, wiring posters and the like that may already be there, presenting a brand new canvas within which to work. Its like creating a room within a room. The backdrops are easy to hang, easy to store and require the minimum of room preparation.


  • Temporary transformation of the look and feel of a room
  • Creates an instant blank canvas, in which to work
  • Covers up all the existing fixtures and fittings
  • Minimum of room preparation needed
  • Easy to fit
  • Easy to store
  • Fire retardant rated, lightweight and low crease fabric used
  • Can fit to suspended or solid ceilings
  • Protective storage boxes available
  • 12 month warranty

Wrap around backdrops can be used to transform a hospital training room so that it looks like an operating theatre, a video blog can appear to be taken in a New York high rise office or a hotel function room can suddenly be surrounded by the savanna plains of Africa. These backdrops can be left in place, pushed to one side like a curtain or unhooked and swapped with another backdrop.


Wrap around backdrops require a track fitting to the ceiling and can wrap around one, two, three or all four walls

Artwork & Printing

Location photography, sourcing and creation of images, followed by large format printing of the backdrop wraps


Installation of the track is carried out by trained professionals and usually takes less than a day to complete.

Our Service:

  • Initial site visit, assessment & measuring up
  • Creation or Sourcing of Images for backdrops
  • Artwork and Printing
  • Preparation & Installation of track
  • Hanging, storage and demonstration of backdrops

Contact & Price Information:

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‘We have been 100% delighted with the quality of service and the overall finished look of our space with our new wrap around backdrop. Our space was originally a reception waiting area and the transformation that the backdrop gives is incredible.
Simon’s attention to detail are second to none, 5 star service throughout the whole process. We highly recommend this company and the wrap around backdrop’.
Helen Mills – Simulation and Essential Clinical Skills Lead Specialist (St.Bartholomew’s Hospital) See other testimonials….



Wrap Around backdrops are easy to fit, easy to store and can totally transform an environment